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Article KB00019: Activating Sibelius academic license


How to activate your new Sibelius academic license

Applies to:

Sibelius 8 (and later) and Sibelius Ultimate... both perpetual and annual academic subscriptions.


Am I eligible for an academic licence?

In order to be eligible to use a Sibelius Academic (for students and teachers) subscription you must fulfil Avid's academc eligibility terms and conditions.  These can be found here.

Step 1: Redeeming your Download Code

When you purchase the New Sibelius academic (perpetual or annual subscription), you are not provided with a license directly. First, you will receive a 'Download Code' via email from Music EDnet and you will need to redeem this code to access the download for your software.

Go to https://my.avid.com

If you already have an Avid account then log in, if not, create a new account.

Avid account

Once you have logged into your Avid account you should arrive at the 'My Account' page. If not, you should see a link at the top-left labelled "< Back to My Account". Then click on 'Register Software With Code' (circled in red below).

Avid My Account

This will take you to the 'Activate Product Subscription' page. Note that in this context 'subscription' applies to both perpetual academic licenses and annual subscriptions.

Once you've entered your Redemption Code received from Music EDnet via email, and it has been accepted and processed, you will see one of the following possible results in your Avid Account for the Sibelius entry in the ‘My Products and Subscriptions’ area:

Example 1:

Example 2:


Step 2: Verifying your academic eligibility

The result in the Example 1 image above will prompt you to go to www.identit-e.com/avid and there you will follow the process detailed below.

For everyone who is prompted by their Avid account at this point to visit www.identit-e.com/avid, go to the page and enter the EDU ‘Verification Code’ you’ll see contained in the instructions in your Avid account (you can copy and paste it from your Avid account into the site at www.identit-e.com/avid, as shown below, then follow the prompts to submit your claim for an Academic Sibelius Licence).

Academic verification

The result in the Example 2 image above will prompt you click the button marked Activate Subscription and follow the same process but in this case it will be self-contained within the Avid account page, so you won't need to visit the external identit-E site specifically.

For anyone following the 'self-contained' process via the 'Activate Subscription' button, you don't need to worry about the EDU code as this gets submitted to identit-E automatically during the process.  This is what the promt for your Education Eligibility Verification credentials will look like within the Avid account page in this case:

Once it’s approved (usually within 24 hours, and not longer than 48) you will receive an email from identite@mail.identit-e.com, like the one below.

Follow the steps indicated to either (for the case of examle 1 above) copy the download code (circled in red in the example below) to the page of your Avid account as indicated with a link in the email you receive, or (for the case of examle 2 above), to simply go to back to your Avid account and click the 'Activate Subscription button without the requirement to copy/paste in a final code - newer Avid academic licences are processed at this point without the need for a final redemption code from Identit-E.

Academic verified

Step 3: Activating Sibelius

Once you've followed the steps as indicated in the email you receive from www.identit-e.com, you will see Sibelius appear in the ‘My Products and Subscriptions’ page of your Avid account, similar to the example below, with full access to downloads and licence info. 

You can now download & install Sibelius if it's not installed already via a trial download, and you can activate it when prompted on launching it, by using the System/Activation ID's provided in your Avid account if necessary. 

*More information on activation of Sibelius is available by clicking here.

Sibelius activated

*Note; the title will differ depending on the package purchased.  The one above shows a perpetual licence bundled with the ‘full’ versions of Photoscore and Audioscore:

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